Food Corner

food corner
Feb 2017

Food Corner

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Food Corner: In communities that lack supermarkets, families depend on food corner stores for food purchases. The selection at these stores are often limited to packaged food and very little, if any, fresh produce. Food corner stores are also frequent destinations for children, many of whom stop daily on the way to and from school for snacks.

The Healthy food corner store initiative works to increase the availability and awareness of healthy foods in corner stores through a multifaceted approach including:

  • Increasing store capacity to sell and buy healthy items in order to improve healthy options in communities
  • Training and offering technical assistance to store owners to provide the skills to make healthy changes.
  • Educating youth in schools near targeted corner stores to reinforce healthy messages and provide nutrition education.
  • Hosting in-store community nutrition education lessons.
  • Linking corner store owners to community partners, local farmers and fresh food suppliers to create and sustain healthy corner stores.

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