Student Voice

Feb 2017

Student Voice

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Student Voice: Student Voice strives to advance the student movement by bridging the gap between education communities and students around the world. Our social reach allows us to amplify the student voices through dialogue and facilitated discussions. Education summits organize the community to provide an avenue for action. The student voice in action program accelerates school and community improvement through supporting the implementation of student voice practices and philosophies.

Student voice is the collective and individual perspective. It is the actions of students within the context of education and learning.

Following convictionsare the Student voice work:

  • Young people have unique perspectives on teaching, learning and schooling.
  • In today’s time students want to afforded opportunities to actively shape their education.
  • Their insights warrant not only the attention but also the responses of adults.

Several things differentiate the practices that identify as student voice. One identifies multiple roles for students throughout all the education system, including, research, education planning,decision-making, teaching, evaluating, and advocacy.


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