Aug 2016

Ways to Earn Extra Income for Housewives

by websharan in Part time jobs category

Being a housewife does not mean being subject to no earning, no income. Housewife too can work from home and can efficiently earn money online. With advent of internet, more and more women are able to publicize their offerings and monetize skills and abilities through blogs.

How to explore skills and abilities that you posses :

  1. Explore your interests : Journey to extra income by taking a look at doing what makes you happy, that your points of interest lie in which field. Often this interest can be transformed into source of income generation.

    • Take down the list of things you are interested in, or things that can be potentially of interest to you.
    • Analyse things that can be used as an income source.
    • It can even happen that sometimes you need to indulge in activities that you don’t like doing
  2. Evaluate or Use your Experience: Taking use of prior experience can be of great use when uncovering income opportunities.

  3. Examine skills you posses: Acknowledge what you are good at, which will uncover opportunities to make money. Being skilled at something or being able to do something where others are incapable can be a great benefactors.

  4. Balancing work with household responsibilities : Being an housewife a lot of responsibilities are imposed on you managing them with the work is quiet a difficult task. It is required to take out potential time to earn money online. Make a proper schedule for day to day activities.

Means to earn etc money

  1. Babysit other children : If you are a mother, you would posses an excellent skill set that can be of grat use to others. Many parents who are working are looking for mothers who can do babysitting for them. For this you can advertise on websites or look for already posted ad by these parents online and offline.

  2. Tutor either online, or at residence : A lot of people are online looking for home tutors for their children and nearly every women is found of teaching so this can be a field of your interest. You can even start an home-based or online tutoring business and share your knowledge in a specialized sector. For this contact students or parents of your locality, publish offline in newspapers or make your own website describing your education background and skill set.

  3. Sell your Creations : If you are good at creating handlooms or handicrafts then you can sell them online and earn a profitable amount of money. Ideas can be endless in this field for example you can even go for baked cakes, photos, arts and crafts, dresses etc. The main point lies that how will you sell the product.

    • Social Networks can also be very helpful in this case when you want to advertise your product. Add a facebook page that is complete about your creations hopefully this will create referrals.
    • Make your own website or e-store, if you are very ambitious about what you do.
  4. Freelance writer : If you are a skilled writer and have a perspective to share on particular topic that you can even make money writing and sharing content. Their are various website online where you can find freelancing jobs and contact the organization.

Few Alternative Income Options

  1. Consider couponing : Couponing can be described as strategic use of many coupons and promotional offers. Using this collection of coupons for your daily life activities. This activity can be view under judicious use of money.

  2. Monetize your online activities : Various websites now a days pay to do activities like seraching, watching videos, site visit, complete surveys, online form filling or even playing games.

  3. Reviewing products : There are numerous website online that will pay you directly or offer some discounts on the products for writing reviews for them.

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